UKIP was established in the wake of the Maastricht treaty with the sole objective of taking the UK out of the European Union. Since then UKIP has developed into a major party with a fully costed GE2015 manifesto addressing a spectrum of issues and representatives in all parts of the UK. UKIP has been instrumental in bring about a referendum on EU membership and in securing a Leave vote. It is now up to UKIP to ensure that the wishes of the people are up held and the UK leaves the EU.


UKIP is the only party that is fully committed to the UK withdrawal from the EU and is the only party that is speaking up for the million Scots who voted leave. The results of both the Scottish Independence referendum and the European Union membership referendum must be up held. Scotland voted to remain apart of the UK and the UK voted to leave the EU. UKIP is committed to keeping Scotland in the UK and is completely opposed to a second independence referendum.

UKIP is a libertarian party which believes in autonomy and freedom of choice. UKIP Scotland seeks to minimise the size of government while ensuring the safeguards of the state. We believe the system of government has become over complicated and bureaucratic. The first step towards a smaller government is leaving the EU. UKIP in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK is vital to ensuring that the wishes of the people are up held. UKIP’s role has never been so pivotal.