David Coburn MEP - Leader of UKIP Scotland

Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath

My goal is to encourage Scots to stay in Scotland, build their businesses and employ their fellow Scots. This can only be achieved by making the Scottish economy competitive. Scottish taxes must be no higher than the rest of the UK, preferably lower. I’m completely opposed to a second independence referendum. The Scottish economy will not grow while there is the uncertainty of another referendum. The Scottish people have decided and voted to remain British. The UK must be free to create Trade Treaties with booming economies around the world without having to consult 27 other European states. Only by leaving the EU’s single market will we be free to expand international trade and bring jobs to Britain.

Donald MacKay

Lanark and Hamilton East

I have lived in South Lanarkshire for over 20 years and run a small mortgage broking business in Hamilton.  I have therefore some experience of the “real” world as opposed to the rather insular environment of the Scottish political establishment. My appeal is to the common sense of the electorate and urge them to refrain from voting for the usual suspects who all basically stand for the same objectives.

My politics are:

  • 100% pro Brexit

  • 100% Unionist

  • NO to another referendum

Janice MacKay

East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow

I live and work in this constituency.If you are looking for a candidate firmly committed to the United Kingdom, abhors full frontal assault on freedom of speech, I am the only candidate who can fulfil those and give you a genuine choice

I am:

  • proud to represent a party whose leader has had a real job outside politics!!

  • Proud  UKIP believes in merit and not gender quotas

  • Lastly and most importantly, I am proud to be Scottish but also proud to be British!!

Neil Wilson


My name is Neil Wilson aged 53. Born and bred in Motherwell, Lanarkshire. I joined HM Forces when I was 17 and served 7 years in the Army before going into the Transport Business. The reason I joined Ukip 4 years ago was because I am tired of the old gang politicians and their failed policies. UKIP is  the only party that is telling how it is and truly believes in making Britain Great again. Now is the time for change. Now is the time for the people to have their say. Now is the time for UKIP to shine and for the people to take control of Britain's future for our children’s future. 

Carl Pearson

Cumbernauld Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East

With the calling of the general election, UKIP has a great opportunity to gain seats in the House of Commons to hold HM Government to account on Brexit. A strong UKIP is needed to secure the best possible deal for Britain and Scotland.


Our armed forces have been left neglected and underfunded. Morale is low and the British Army is the smallest now that its ever been. This needs to change, the protection of our island nation is critical and at the top of UKIPs agenda.

Sarah Hemy

Glasgow South West

I worked as a retail manager before the birth of my daughter and following a break now work part time. I joined UKIP in 2008 and have been treasurer for the Glasgow Branch since 2012. Previously, I had little interest in of politics or allegiance to any political party. It was the one way flow of British sovereignty to the EU and the complicity of most of the political class in this that spurred me to join UKIP, the party defending the interests of ordinary Brits. Subsequently it has become obvious to me that most politicians are willing to do or say almost anything to cling onto power, regardless of the consequences, making me fearful for my daughter’s future. A good start would getting rid of the SNP’s sinister bid to interfere in family life, with no requirement to justify it, via its Named Person legislation.

Caroline Santos

Rutherglen and Hamilton West

If you voted for Brexit, vote for the party that made Brexit happen. If elected I will be that fearless campaigner, a proud unionist and libertarian. A proven track record in achieving change for local communities. A known rebel with a cause. I would make one of Westminster's great maverick MPs championing for my constituents. I promise to play a leading role in shaking up parliament on your issues. I believe the cosy Westminster club of career politicians has gone on for too long, I'm a passionate believer in freedom, less government and less taxes. I will promote Scotlands place at the heart of the United Kingdom.

Stuart Martin


It's an honour and a privilege to be your UKIP candidate in Falkirk. I live in Falkirk, work in Falkirk, and I care about Falkirk. I am the only Unionist candidate standing in Falkirk that can stop the SNP according to local public opinion. I am the only candidate standing in Falkirk that supports "Fracking" thus creating jobs and sustaining jobs in our community. I am totally opposed to a second independence referendum. The Scottish economy will not grow while there is the uncertainty of another referendum. The Scottish people decided and voted to remain British. I believe in low tax and would oppose Scotland paying higher taxes than the rest of the UK. I will work with companies and organisations to improve the lives of the people in Falkirk targeting to put more police on the streets, cut hospital waiting times. With your support I will serve all in the Falkirk consistency.

John Ferguson

Glasgow East

I am a carer and former insurance broker. After studying in Glasgow, my career took me overseas before coming home to Scotland. I'm totally opposed to yet another SNP referendum. Businesses hate the uncertainty caused by the SNP's never ending constitutional debate. The Scottish people decided and they chose to remain British. The SNP need to respect the decision and move on. The UK is leaving the EU. We will then be able to trade with strong economies around the world freely, without asking for permission from the EU and 27 other member states. Only by leaving the EU, it's regulations and the single market, will we be able to secure our border, control immigration, expand international trade and put Britain back to work.

Robert Smith

Orkney and Shetland

As a full time fisherman working the Southern Isles and Pentland firth area of Orkney who has lived and worked in Orkney for most of my life, could I appeal to you for your vote on June 8th. I am proud to stand for the most successful political movement in modern times. In just a couple of decades since its foundation, UKIP have won the Euro elections, won 4 million votes at the last general election (more than the SNP and Lib Dems combined), won the fight to have an EU referendum and won that as well. But we’re not out of the EU yet. It is more vital than ever that UKIP have a good showing on June 8th. It is essential that we have a large UKIP vote sitting on Theresa May’s shoulder when she enters negotiations for withdrawal from the EU. (It won’t be anyone else.) Every UKIP vote puts more pressure on her to make a proper Brexit.