The Tories have agreed a Brexit transition deal with Brussels which means the EU will continue to have control of the UK’s waters until the end of 2020. David Coburn, MEP for Scotland, had this to say:

"As predicted, the Tory Brexit deal is destroying the Scottish Fishi...

Follow the publication of the Scottish budget and announcement that the SNP government is planning to increase income tax, David Coburn MEP gave this statement:

"Setting taxes higher than the rest of the UK is a disaster for Scottish businesses, Scottish jobs and the Sc...

On Saturday afternoon, UKIP Northern Ireland held its AGM and Conference in Belfast. The theme of the event was UKIP for the Union.The keynote speaker was David Coburn, MEP for Scotland.

David Coburn MEP said: “It is more obvious now than it has ever been that the Cons...

Following that announcement that Theresa May was planning to give the EU a 'special deal' in Northern Ireland, David Coburn MEP gave this comment:

"It is a disgrace that the Conservative Government should allow any difference between Northern Ireland and the rest of the...

In 1973 the UK joined what was then called the European Economic Community. This organisation evolved over time, from free trade to a more state like entity. The treaty of Maastright – formally known as the treaty on European Union brought about an entirely different b...

Following Sturgeon's announcement of a second independence referendum UKIP's Scottish MEP David Coburn gave this statement:

"The prospect of a second independence referendum between the Autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019 is utterly preposterous. The UK will still be...

Where is Nicola Sturgeon? This was the question on the lips of her constituents in Glasgow Southside earlier in the autumn when they discovered that the First Minister’s constituency office had moved to a neighbouring constituency, leaving just a telephone number behin...

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