So another piece of political theatre comes to its denouement with the resignation of the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd.

Conservative Home Office scandals are as predictable as pantomimes and come with their own time honoured tropes including: cruel heartless and usually r...

Most of us would consider it common knowledge to know a little about the horrific grooming scandals that have been taking place across the United Kingdom. People are losing faith in our authorities already, to find out that a systematic cover up might be taking place s...

27 Apr 2018

I have recently retired as financial director of a manufacturing company in the Scottish SME sector, a sector which is the lifeblood of the Scottish economy. My business experience goes back nearly 45 years, at least half of this time at a very senior level. I am in th...

26 Apr 2018

I start with a story recently told to me by someone who worked in a very busy Accountant's office. He started by saying that (one of his staff) had been on the phone for over an hour. He asked one of her colleagues if she knew the reason, and was told.  "Oh that's obvi...

Dear Fellow UKIP Member,

As you will have heard, following an uncontested election, I have been confirmed as UKIP Leader.

I received the backing of all three UKIP Lords, our major donors, our MEPs, our London and Welsh Assembly Members, and Party activists and members fr...

The news that Theresa May has called on the cabinet to approve Britain’s response to the ‘escalating crisis in Syria’ without consulting Parliament is increasing worrying. The cabinet meeting comes as Mrs May toughens her language on the ALLEGED chemical weapons attack...

Scotland’s nanny-state, anti-British, Scottish National Party government have warned teachers in Scotland’s classrooms that the term ‘British values’ is “problematic” and could be “offensive”.

Advice issued by Education Scotland tells teachers to instead use the words “...

There is a common factor in the hounding of soldiers defending our country like Major Robert Campbell and the treatment of householders like Richard Osborn-Brooks defending themselves and their loved ones in their own homes; in both cases the authorities have entirely...

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September 16, 2020

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