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Holyrood, the devolved Scottish Parliament, has voted overwhelmingly to “refuse consent” to the Brexit Bill. Labour, Green and Scottish National Party MSP’s united to pass the motion which stated that the Scottish Parliament “does not c...

We in Britain surrounded by the sea in Shakespeare’s immortal words ‘in the office of a wall,

or as a moat defensive to a house’ tend to be relaxed about our security.  Not so the Israelis who face opponents - Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran among others - intent on their ann...

The suggestion from leading High Court judge Sir Geoffrey Vos that carrying mobiles could in future be made compulsory (May 10) reminds us that it is not only the House of Lords which is desperately in need of major reform.

In essence, such a law would require us to rev...

Dear Fellow UKIP Members,

The English local election results are of course disappointing to say the least. We all knew it was going to be a difficult night but we worked and hoped for the best.

First of all let me commend and thank all our former councillors, candidate...

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September 16, 2020

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