UKIP Scotland’s membership figures have increased by a highly impressive 49% since the end of May. We must be saying or doing the right thing, or perhaps others are not!!! I suspect the latter to be the case.

Comments from our new members all indicate widespread disillu...

26 Aug 2018

As Ukippers and Brexiters we should be armed with the facts that show what a dire state the EU is in financially. We should not be surprised that our politicians are covering up the possible financial collapse of the EU. “Covering up” is in quote marks because, I am no...

The Refugee Convention was created after the Second World War to protect those like Ashwaq Ta’lo who fled from persecution and genocide, not the vile war criminals who caused their suffering.  

Daesh tried to wipe out the Kurdish Yazidis, because they followed their own...

In due course, we will have to face another Bataclan, Nice lorry attack or Manchester Arena bombing.  These justify ‘lock downs’ and worldwide news;Tuesday’s incident did not.

We need to start being more choosy about who we let in to Britain, and we need to start p...

It is hard to imagine a country more oppressive of women than polygamous Saudi Arabia, where they are still denied full legal capacity and only now in 2018 are finally being allowed to drive. 

Similarly, these countries are notorious for the persecution of sexual minori...

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