So Scotland’s youngest MSP, Ross Greer, a whole 24 years old, has chosen to insult the great Winston Churchill, the man who saved us from capitulation to National Socialism and thus saved Western Europe from a long totalitarian night.

Looking up the obscure Greer on Wik...

Firstly, I sincerely hope that we do NOT have a second EU referendum - we already vote to Leave the EU and it would be against the democratic will of the people if this happened, and I would like to think that the 17.4m who voted to leave get their 'Yellow Vests' duste...

17 Jan 2019

UKIP Scotland is calling for a Holyrood parliamentary election in May 2020 on the following grounds:

The first Holyrood election was held in 1999, followed by 2003 thereafter 2007 and then 2011

The election which was due to be held in 2015 was postponed for 1 year until...

16 Jan 2019

 At the January NEC meeting Gerard Batten and the full NEC elected Donald MacKay as the new leader of UKIP Scotland.    Donald is a founder member of UKIP and currently sits on the UKIP NEC..    

9 Jan 2019

David Coburn MEP has rebuffed requests from UKIP Scotland to hand back his MEP seat and allow his place to be taken by the next UKIP member on the list.

Ukip Scotland’s Regional officer and five regional chairs signed a letter urging Mr Coburn to stand aside. They thank...

8 Jan 2019


One surprising omission from the Brexit debate – in amongst talk of WTO tariffs, trade deals and traffic congestion at our ports – is that the UK consumer could help matters by buying British products and British manufactured goods.


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September 16, 2020

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