Triumphant at Last

June 28, 2016

We did it! We Won! We’re Out!


After a decades long struggle our country is independent again and our destiny is in our own hands.

I would first of all like to thank everyone for their years of hard work. It is because of the dedication of ordinary people that we were able to stand up against the establishment and win.


I would also like to give a special thanks to Nigel Farage for his tireless efforts. If it wasn’t for Nigel and UKIP there wouldn’t have been a referendum and Britain certainly wouldn’t be on the road to independence.

This isn’t the end, this is only the beginning.

UKIP was established with the sole goal of taking Britain out of the European Union but since then the Party has become so much more. We have gone from a single issue party to having a fully costed manifesto. Leaving the EU isn’t the end for UKIP, it’s only the beginning. We can now truly hold government to account and make decisions that would have been out our control while apart of the EU. We now have the possibility of saving the British steel industry, rebuild our fishing fleet, trade with the world and much more.


Of course we’re not out yet. It is quite apparent that the Tory government will extend the leaving process for as long as possible and even try to orchestrate a semidetached relationship between the UK and the EU. It will be UKIP’s sole responsibility to hold the government to account throughout this process and ensure that Britain fully leaves the EU.


UKIP in Scotland


I must say that although I am not entirely satisfied with the referendum result in Scotland, we were able to close the gap in the last few weeks of the campaign. Polls predicted that less than 25% of Scots would vote to leave, when in the end almost 40% voted to leave. This is impressive considering that the EU campaign only effectively started 3 weeks before polling day, with indyref-2 dominating the Holyrood elections. I believe that if the campaign had been longer Scotland would have voted to leave. At the end of the day UKIP and our GrassrootsOut associates took on the entire Scottish establishment and convinced 1,018,322 Scots to vote leave.


Of course some people can’t accept referendum results. Two time loser Nicola Sturgeon, believer in third time lucky, is determined to use Brexit as a weapon to break apart the United Kingdom. Ruth Davidson and the pro-EU Scottish Tories are in a state of shellshock and are offering no opposition to prevent a second independence referendum. The mantle of Unionism thus comes to UKIP.


The battle lines of a second referendum have already been drawn and are considerable clearer than last time. Another referendum won’t be about Scottish independence but where we belong in the world. Is Scotland a Northerly member of a European super state or a world leader as part of the United Kingdom? Is our currency the Pound or the Euro? Do we make our laws in Holyrood or do they make our laws in Brussels? Given the option I firmly believe that Scots will choose the UK over the EU every time but we must make an inspiring case to do so and create a new vision for the UK. During the last independence referendum the Tories and Labour almost lost the case for the UK. We won’t make the same mistake again and from now on UKIP will be leading the charge.


The struggle continues.


Yours sincerely,

Calum Walker
Chairman of UKIP Scotland

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