Statement on GERS Figures

Scottish accountants renowned for balancing the books and economic thriftiness have once again had their reputation tarnished by the Scottish Nationalists.

Today's GERS figures show that the Scottish Government continues to run a £15bn deficit representing a 9.5% share of Scotland's GDP, more than double that of the UK as a whole. This demonstrates the failings in the SNP's budget policy and puts any claims they make about IndyRef2 under severe scepticism as leaving the UK would surely invoke a Greek styled debt crisis.


Scotland today benefits from a UK central treasury, which balances out the peaks and troughs of local budgets, in the same way other parts of the UK have benefitted in the past. Today's figures strengthen the case for Scotland being apart of the UK but also highlights the part Scotland needs to play in reducing the UK's deficit.


Whether we resolve our deficit through spending cuts or growing the economy, Scotland is going to need to bring in the accountants.

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November 23, 2019

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