Letter to the Scotsman

January 6, 2016




UKIP Edinburgh's Alan Melville responds to Andrew Whitaker's piece in the Scotsman on the 29th of December. Alan stood for us in the Edinburgh North and Leith Council By-Election back in 2015.



"In response to Andrew Whitaker’s smear-ridden distortion, might I make the following statement as a UKIP member and candidate.


UKIP opposes the corporatist, anti-democratic EU for the same reasons the late and much lamented Tony Benn did. To quote Mr  Benn’s own words “Here was I, an elected man who could be removed, doing a job, and here were these people with more power than I had and no accountability to anybody. My visit confirmed in a practical way all my suspicions that this would be the decapitation of British democracy without any countervailing advantage.”  


Let me reiterate the pertinent phrase “ an elected man who could be removed”. It is next to impossible to remove any EU apparatchik.


It is only the self-anointed elites and those blinded by their rhetoric that accept the EU. Any true democrat should oppose it tooth and nail, for its combination of corporatism and elitism is closer to the dreams of Benito Mussolini than even Il Duce could have hoped.


I submit that opposition to the EU, which is after all UKIP’s raison d’être, is not only not ‘right-wing’, but is in fact the very antithesis of hard-right politics – or hard-left politics for that matter.


And it is a terrifying indictment of people like Mr Whitaker – and Ms Sturgeon – that they appear to approve more of the Brussels kommissariat than of those who seek to defend our rapidly eroding freedoms.


Might I suggest that Andrew Whitaker turn his attention from smearing UKIP to examining in detail the authoritarianism, incompetence, and petty vindictiveness of the SNP? After all, under Sturgeon, the SNP has imprisoned citizens for singing songs, attempted to remove the fundamental Scots law demand for corroborating evidence, placed a spy in every family home, and is even now busily introducing ID cards by the back door having used its majority in Holyrood to prevent any scrutiny-requiring primary legislation? Is that not the least any reputable or honourable journalist could do?"


You can read Mr Whitaker's original article here

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