The Neverendum

The first day of the Nationalist’s conference was an interesting day but a predictable one. The newspaper grabbing headline was the announcement of a second independence referendum bill. Like a sequel to some low budget movie it’ll be a rehash of the same old script and might even have a title like IndyRef2: The Neverendum Never Dies. So it appears that a second IndyRef is to be forced into the world against the wishes of the Scottish public and to some extent Sturgeon.


The SNP will always want a referendum. Independence is their entire purpose and according to Sturgeon transcends all other matters. But Sturgeon wouldn’t want to risk losing a second referendum. Losing a second time would reside independence to dustbin of history. So why does she promise IndyRef2 when the majority of Scots don’t want it? The answer is her own party demand it. So a get out clause was created stating that she would only push for IndeyRef2 if there was a change in the status quote, meaning if the UK left the EU. This kept the SNP members happy and also gave Ruth Davidson a shared stage on which to campaign on. For Ruth it was vote to ‘remain’ in the EU to stop IndyRef2. Then the unthinkable for the establishment happened. The UK voted to leave the EU. The establishment that Sturgeon and Davidson had fought so hard to protect is falling apart. With the status quote changed Sturgeon’s party demanded an independence referendum, thinking that surely Scots that voted ‘No’ last time would have second thoughts?


The Scottish public don’t want another referendum. We’ve had enough of referendums and want to bring an end to the politicisation of daily life. Polling carried out after the EU referendum by BMG Research found that 56% of the Scottish public are against a second independence referendum (28 Sept -04 Oct). Brexit did nothing to change the public’s opinion on IndyRef2 and that’s because Scotland is not as pro-EU as the SNP would like to think. After all, over a million Scots voted to leave the EU and speaking from personal experience I find that those who voted ‘remain’ couldn’t care less about leaving the EU. Scotland is happy with Brexit and doesn’t want a second independence referendum over the head of it.


It’s time to get on with life and grab hold of the opportunities that Brexit creates. The Scottish Parliament should work for the Scottish people and not the members of the SNP. It is UKIP’s job to put the Nationalist’s feet to fire and hold them accountable on the issues that they ignore for IndyRef2. Issues like the economy, health, education, welfare and housing. The Scottish Parliament already has the powers to change Scotland for the better. It’s time Scotland uses them to lead the way for the entire UK. Scotland doesn’t need another independence referendum. Scotland needs UKIP.

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