Scotland's place in Europe? It's outside the EU


Following the publication of "Scotland's place in Europe" by the Scottish Government, UKIP Scotland chairman, Calum Walker said:


"The SNP are determined to use the EU exit negotiations as a tool to further their own agenda. Demands made by the SNP that Scotland should seek separate arrangement with the EU are only intent on creating further division between Scotland and the rest of the UK.


Having lost the independence referendum, the SNP are now intent on independence by accident through continuous demands for more powers to be transferred from Westminster to Holyrood. Sturgeon is determined to keep excessive EU regulation while the rest of the UK throws off the burden of bureaucracy and deregulates. This is neither in the interest of the Scottish people nor businesses.


A divergence in regulation between Scotland and the UK would be a disaster for Scottish business and employment. In 2014 exports from Scotland to the rest of the UK was estimated at £48.5bn, accounting for 64% of exports, while it was only £11.6bn to the EU. So the question stands, why would the SNP want to make it harder for Scottish companies to do business in England by adopting EU regulation over UK? The answer is simple, the SNP want to divide us. The SNP aren’t interested in whether it is good for Scotland as long as it furthers their cause.


The Scottish Parliament once free from EU directives could become a power house for the Scottish economy. We would be able to tailor regulation to work for Scottish industries such as fishing and farming. Scotland doesn’t need the single market. What we need is tariff & regulation free trade between the UK and the EU. This is what we should be aiming for with all countries, not to be part of a bloc or super-state. In 2014 Scotland exported £15.2bn to the rest of the world. That is 23% more than we exported to the EU (£11.6bn). The Scottish Government should be encouraging the UK to leave the EU and the single market. The UK would then be free to make trade deals with fast growing emerging economies. It’s time the Scottish Government gets with the program and helps the UK Government instead of making ridiculous demands.


If Sturgeon doesn’t get her way she has threaten us with a second independence referendum but she seems to have forgot that we have already had this debate. A whitepaper written by the SNP administration for the purpose of persuading Scots to vote for independence states that “If we (Scotland) remain in the UK, the Conservative Party’s promise of an in/out referendum on EU membership raises the serious possibility that Scotland will be forced to leave the EU” (Scotland’s Future 2013). The SNP seem to have forgotten they campaigned very hard on this line throughout the independence referendum and still Scotland chose to stay part of the UK. United Scotland stays with the UK and together we leave the EU.


The EU referendum showed us that over a million Scots disagreed with Sturgeon’s pro-EU views and polling carried out after highlights there is no desire for a second independence referendum or further devolution. Like growing number of Scots, I have had enough of the SNP’s demands, ultimatums and excuses. Scotland isn’t about the SNP, it’s about the people who live here and we don’t want further devolution, IndyRef2 or to leave the UK over the head of the EU. Scotland doesn’t need further devolution,indyref2 or the EU to be successful, it needs to get rid of the SNP!"

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