Scotland is stronger as part of the United Kingdom

January 26, 2017


Following the release of Scotland's trade figures, UKIP Scotland chairman, Calum Walker gave the following statement:


“Todays trade figures continue to highlight the fact that Scotland is stronger as part of the United Kingdom. 63% of Scotland’s exports are to elsewhere in the United Kingdom. This is an indisputable fact that the SNP are disparate to ignore in their drive towards Scottish secession, in the same way they ignore education, the NHS, local authorities and many other issues.


These figures also show us that only 16% of Scotland’s exports are to the EU, less than what we export to the rest of the world (21%). This completely discredits Sturgeon's argument about wanting Scotland to remain in the EU for economic reasons. Scotland has less of a reason to stay in the EU’s single market than the rest of the UK. It’s time for Scotland to cut the strings of bureaucracy and leave the EU single market.


What Scotland needs is to stick with the UK and forge trade deals with fast growing economies. Countries around the world are lining up to do deals with the UK. These are the markets of tomorrow, not the old world of the EU. Scotland with the UK was an economic power house and through trade the centre of the world. We can be again but first we need the right people at the helm.”

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