Sturgeon just wants to hobnob in Brussels


Calum Walker, UKIP Scotland Chairman, gave this statement in response to Sturgeon’s announcement of a second independence referendum:


“Scotland decided in the 2014 independence referendum to stay a part of the United Kingdom. Scotland voted to stay British! The SNP might not like this but that is the case. On the 23rd of June there was a UK vote to leave the European Union. There wasn’t a Scottish vote, there wasn’t an English vote, it was a UK vote and together we decided to leave the EU. 


Sturgeon and the SNP government announced that they are to push for a second independence referendum. Sturgeon might have forgotten but we have already had this debate. It was meant to have been a once in a generation debate. And in this debate we also discussed the possibility of the UK leaving the EU. In the SNP’s independence white paper (Scotland’s Future 2013) they argued that Scotland should vote for independence as there was the possibility of the UK leaving the EU. Knowing this and the fact that EU referendum was coming Scots decided to stay with the UK.


Since the EU referendum, to the displeasure of Sturgeon, the polls have shown little appetite for a second independence referendum. Among those that support having a second referendum there is division about whether it should be before or after Brexit or even next decade. Even if the polls were 50/50, I don’t believe they are and that the majority of Scots still support the union, only a small minority wants another referendum before the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.


Sturgeon also said today that she wants the best outcome from the Brexit negotiations. If that was the case then why is she doing her very best to undermine the UK’s negotiating position? Multiple EU presidents have already stated that there is no fast track for an independent Scotland to join the EU. Scotland wouldn’t be able to continue the UK’s membership of the EU. There is no compromise. It’s back of the queue. Scotland is not a member of the EU, the UK is and Scotland leaves with the UK. Joining the EU, if the EU would accept a £15bn deficit, would mean signing up to the treaties as they exist now, there would be no opt outs. This would mean joining the Euro and Schengen zone. This situation would create an unworkable relationship between an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK. The idea is just mad.


Scotland does 4 times more trade with the rest of the UK (63% of Scottish exports) than it does with the EU (16%). Scotland also does more trade with rest of the world (21%) than with the EU. With figures like that you would think that the Scottish Government would be helping the UK Government to free us from the EU so we can do trade deals with other countries around the world. Of course, Sturgeon isn’t interested in Scotland or respecting the results of either referendums. She just wants to hobnob in Brussels.”

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