The SNP do not want real independence; they want 'plastic indy'



Following Sturgeon's announcement of a second independence referendum UKIP's Scottish MEP David Coburn gave this statement:


"The prospect of a second independence referendum between the Autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019 is utterly preposterous. The UK will still be in negotiations with the EU at this time – the SNP seem to wish to cause maximum disruption, uncertainty and overall mayhem. In 2014 the Scottish people decided decisively to remain British, in 2016 less people voted to remain in the EU than voted to be British in 2014.


Have they been asleep whilst Greece has simply been bullied by the EU and when The Republic of Ireland twice voted the wrong way in a referendum and were forced to vote again courtesy of the EU. Scotland as an EU member would be simply insignificant in comparison to Germany and France and we would simply follow or be told how to follow.


What the SNP are proposing for Scotland is a future of 'austerity Max". The very idea that it would be advantageous for us to leave the UK for a berth as a small but proud nation in the EU is foolish. We would be condemned to an austere damaging regime that would skip us of autonomy and and leave us open to penal austerity measures such as those imposed on other small nations.


The SNP do not like having a Tory Government in Westminster, neither do I. But at least we have Scottish cabinet ministers and Scotland is fully represented within the chambers of Westminster. The EU has well over 700 MEPs at the moment, and Scotland gets only 6 – Scotland would have no huge influence what’s so ever.


The SNP do not want real independence; they want 'plastic indy'. They would rather be ruled from Frankfurt and Berlin rather than Edinburgh and London. Scotland’s Education system is failing, roads are crumbling and the NHS has seen better days – therefore they must revert to these diversionary tactics."

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