Sturgeon's bid for EU membership means an independent Scotland 'would be run by Eurocrats'

March 15, 2017


David Coburn, who is firmly opposed to a break-up of the Union, claimed that Scotland would be subject to “austerity max” on the level Greece was forced to endure if the First Minister keeps Scotland in the EU.



Mr Coburn told the “The EU don’t want us. There’s a £15billion deficit which we would have to deal with. We would have to have austerity in the way the Greeks have it, which means the EU would send in a government to run Scotland.


“We would be run by com...missioners in Brussels in the same way that Greece was… How you can possibly say that would in the interests for Scotland that we would be ruled by foreigners is absolute insanity.”


David Coburn, who campaigned for Britain to leave the Brussels bloc, believes Sturgeon’s quest for independence is driven by an appetite to weaken Theresa May’s position in Brexit negotiations.

The Ukip MEP said: “Sturgeon does not care if she destroys the British and Scottish economies, as long as she gets her ludicrous independence.


“Scotland will be wrecked if it was run by this appalling woman and her cohorts.”

He added: “Already people are not investing in Scotland. There used to be 50 mortgage leaders in Scotland, now there’s only 12. That’s worrying.


“Sturgeon would trade away Scotland’s fishing grounds for entry into the EU. They will raid our seas, take our fish stocks and destroy a multi-billion pound business which is Scotland’s future.”




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