Sturgeon RIDICULED for attempting to 'EMULATE' Greek debt crisis with independent Scotland

April 5, 2017

 Mr Coburn said: “A child was left on the steps of a church because the mother can’t afford it, a pensioner jumps from a high place faced by a winter without winter fuel – this is Greece as created by the EU and the euro.


It is not about resources, it’s about debt in the wrong currency. The Greek debt is now 177 per cent of GDP. It grows as the Greek economy shrinks, it can never ever paid off – instead it grows larger.


Edinburgh is described as the Athens of the North because of its classical architecture and its learning.Nicola Sturgeon wants to make this manifest – and all too real.


An independent Scotland with an SNP deficit of £15billion is bigger than that of Greece. Scotland would have to adopt the catastrophic euro and the consequent austerity max Greece has had to suffer.


I weep for the people of Greece, but Sturgeon’s desire to emulate the – beggar’s belief and will beggar Scotland.”



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