'People are fed up to their back teeth' with IndyRef2 and the SNP

April 11, 2017

Speaking to Darren Hunt of the Daily Express, David Coburn MEP said:


“I cannot see why you would want to be part of the European Union as a small nation like Scotland. If we were - it won’t happen, it’s not possible - but if we tried to go into the European Union we would have to accept the Euro, which is a collapsing currency. And how would we qualify for it? We don’t even have a central bank. We have a £15billion debt created by the SNP. How do we go into a currency with that? 


We would be forced to have austerity max, in the European Union, and look what happened to Greece when they had austerity. The Greeks suffered horribly, and at the end of the day their economy was in very bad shape, it destroyed civil society in many ways, do we want that in Scotland?


Sturgeon is forever bleating on about all this nonsense about, ‘I’m against austerity, I’m against austerity’, well if she is against austerity she can’t want to be in the European Union, because then we would have austerity max. Not a good idea.” 


On the issue of IndyRef2, Mr Coburn said “It’s very simple, we had a referendum on whether Scotland remains as part of Britain. They voted overwhelmingly to remain as part of the United Kingdom, knowing that in the future we were having a referendum on Europe.


“When the Euro referendum came through, it was 60 to 40, and that’s with the Scottish Government spending a fortune of tax payers money trying to brainwash the Scots into fear about the European Union. I think if it hadn’t have been for that it would have been a lot closer. I don’t think Scots are particularly keen on the European Union, anymore than anybody else. I think it was all operation fear operated by the First Minister. 


If you look at it, more Scots voted to Remain in the United Kingdom, than voted to Remain in the European Union, when you look at the two referenda, so you have to ask yourself, what do the Scots really want?


I think they wanted out of the European Union and Remain in the UK. People in Scotland do not like the European Union, they might be frightened of going it alone. That’s Sturgeon’s operation fear which was created. In reality they don’t like it, but they might be fearful to leave.


I think she would lose, and she would lose bigger than last time. People are fed up to their back teeth of being offered another vote. People have businesses, people have jobs, people want to keep their jobs, this is not helping those people.”



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