UKIP Scotland welcomes Scottish aspects of the Budget

November 22, 2017


UKIP Scotland welcomes that VAT will no longer apply to Scotland’s National Police and Fire services though the SNP were responsible for making the emergency Services vulnerable to VAT charges in the first place.


David Coburn MEP, the UKIP leader in Scotland welcomes the new “Tay cities” deals in Scotland and a city deal for Stirling. He also welcomed tax relief for recovering North Sea Oil and Gas Industries.


"The SNP produced their usual whine whereas what they should be doing is making sensible economies rather than squandering funds on vanity projects such as Named Persons Act.


"Holyrood needs to work with Westminster not against Westminster in the interests of the Scottish people and economy.


"The Chancellor announced today that English homebuyers will no longer have to pay Stamp Duty on properties of up to 300,0000 pounds. Conversely, Scottish homeowners will continue to pay in full as the tax devolved to Holyrood.


"In contrast, the SNP Govt’s attempt to raise Scottish taxes over English ones is the most disastrous policy even by their standards. This will simply cause capital flight from Scotland as well as displacement of workers and business thus relocating across the border to England.


"The Westminster Government’s freeze on Spirits duty today will encourage the Scottish distillers to invest in infrastructure and create new jobs. Conversely, the SNP’s minimum alcohol pricing structure was found by even the EU to be anti-competitive and banned it.


"Scotland seems to have more to fear from the SNP in Holyrood than the Parliament in Westminster as they act against the interests of Scotland, its businesses and workers. This SNP Government could not even maintain the Forth Road Bridge so how can they ever be trusted to run an economy?" said Coburn.

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