The sucking up by the Tories towards the EU is a national embarrassment

Following the announcement that Northern Ireland was going to be gifted to the European Union by Theresa May as part of a ‘special deal’ Chairman of UKIP Scotland, Calum Walker, gave this statement:


“Playing Russian roulette with the integrity of the United Kingdom has become something of a bad habit for the Tories. First, they call a referendum on Scottish independence. Then after the EU referendum Ruth Davidson asked the PM not to block Sturgeon’s demand for a second Independence Referendum. And now May offers up Northern Ireland as part of a ‘special deal’ to the EU, effectively handing Northern Ireland over to Brussels.



Not too long following the emergence of the deal the usual suspects, Sturgeon and Sadiq Khan, were calling for direct rule from Brussels for Scotland and London. Ruth Davidson being the diehard unionist, but a European one, rebutted the idea of having parts of the UK under EU law instead favouring the whole of the UK remaining under EU law and effectively not leave at all.


The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland became a member of the EU as one country and we must leave as one country. There wasn’t a Northern Irish vote nor a Scottish vote, nor English vote. There was a UK vote and together we decided to leave the EU. There can be no cherry picking of EU institutions and legislative bodies. For Brexit to mean anything we must leave it all and we must do so as one.


The continuous backing down and sucking up by the Tories towards the EU throughout these negotiate is nothing more than a national embarrassment. It has shown that the Tories are incapable of negotiating and the EU can’t be negotiated with. It’s time for us to do what we should have done on the 24 June last year and walk away.”

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