Police Scotland is heavily politicised and would rather police people's thoughts than streets

Presumably there is widespread agreement that the primary function of a police force is to protect the general public from criminals in general and violent ones in particular. In the case of Scotland, can anyone suggest when this will be put into practice?


Currently the police force in Scotland is heavily politicised and seems to be more interested in telling us what to think; rather than patrolling our streets and protecting the ordinary public and the small business community from random acts of vandalism in our town centres which plague all too many innocent lives.


As a practical example the police station in Hamilton is situated in the centre of the town and yet this past week we have had a crowd of young neds rampage at around 6pm in the evening down the main shopping precinct vandalising private homes and office premises while the coppers shrug their shoulders and say there is nothing they can do!


Lets get rid of Police Scotland.


Reintroducing the 8 original police services, each with their own Chief Constable, will offer a more localised and effective service to the community.


The ordinary man in the street at one time had a certain respect for the police and recognised the difficult job (and sometimes physically dangerous) which officers carried out every day of the week.


Now our senior police officers, when they are not being investigated themselves for some form of corrupt practice, are more interested in repeating the mantra of Sturgeon and her “pals” that various forms of behaviour and expression “have no place in modern Scotland”. 


The police MUST be politically neutral and in no sense tell the ordinary citizen what he is or is not to think! Rather they should concentrate on keeping our streets safe with more bobbies on the beat.


Bring back Strathclyde Police or even better City of Glasgow Police and restore proper community policing.


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