Member's letter to David Duguid, MP for Banff & Buchan

Dear David,


I write to you today with concerns regarding the leadership of the Conservative party and the direction in which our great country is heading.


I would like to start off this email by congratulating you on being selected to represent us here in the Banff & Buchan constituency at Westminster.


This e-mail is not directed at you personally, but at the party you represent and senior politicians within the conservative party. I have seen you on several occasions around Turriff but have not had the chance to speak with you in person unfortunately.  I have also stuck up for you on several occasions on social media and have shared your posts to my friends to help you on your journey to Westminster. I am sure by this stage of the letter you have no doubt that I also voted for you in the election.


I am passionate about keeping the United Kingdom together; I am a unionist at heart and will be until the day I die.  However, I am a strong supporter of leaving the European Union. For years I have been unhappy with the way the European Union controls our everyday lives.  I have done extensive research into this subject and I understand fully the positives and negatives for staying in and coming out of the European Union.


Recently Theresa May has been boasting of striking a good deal with the European Union, so why is May so hopeful? It’s more of an agreement to do a deal, which is not legally binding thankfully.  Her key points which are so ludicrous as to be amusing;


  • Britain has stood firm and is showing the EU that it is no longer willing to just hand over billions of pounds to the European Union….. By handing over in excess of 40 Billion!!!!


  • Britain has stood firm and refused to let a foreign court dictate its laws, by agreeing that the European court can continue to dictate our laws and can overrule our courts basically.


Theresa May has stabbed Britain in the back with her awful deal which effectively overrules the Brexit vote. Not only does she acknowledge the supremacy of the EU court over UK courts, she has given immigrants access to UK benefits including children abroad and has agreed an outrageous exit bill thought to be around £40 billion.  How can anyone see this as being a successful agreement! We are getting screwed over.  Please note; my opinion is that for those Europeans that contribute to our tax system and live within the UK, they should get the same benefits as a UK citizen after a period of time. You have to be careful on how you word things these days in case of coming across as far right.  I have many European friends and after we leave the EU these people should get the right to become UK citizens, if they chose to live here after Brexit.


The aim of my letter is to ask you as my local representative in Westminster to back Tory backbenchers, rumoured to be around 35-40, in calling for Theresa May to stand down.  I would like you to support Jacob Rees Mogg to become our Prime minister. Rees Mogg is a man of integrity and he standbys his principles.  If you read down your Facebook posts on your public page you’ll be aware of the support this man has around your constituency.  Since I share a lot of his media on Facebook a lot of people locally, including SNP supporters are starting to ask questions about this man.  He is developing a lot of interest.  He appears to be different from the rest and stands out. Jacob is a man that is fair to everyone in society and puts his country before party politics.  This man would unite the whole country giving a chance.


This shambles in Westminster needs to stop and if you keep siding with May I shall never vote for you again in future Elections.  I am sorry David but I have principles and beliefs which are strong and I have my own red lines. I know a lot of others that are saying the same thing.

Thankfully for the DUP or else May and the chuckle brothers would have sacrificed Northern Ireland to appease the Irish! I have had enough of the incompetence of our senior politicians and my voice is echoed across the land.  It’s clear David Davies, Theresa May and Hammond have all been corrupted by the EU and deserve to be punished for treason.


Please have words with Hammond about these reported cuts to the armed forces.  I served in the highlanders from Feb 2001- Dec 2006.  We as a nation are already thin on the ground.  We need to invest in our armed forces and not gas axe them especially with the way the world is at the moment.


It’s time to promote politicians with back bones who have integrity and believe in our great country.  We should be walking away from the European Union on World Trade organisation rules and watch our country prosper outside of the European Union.

Let’s face facts: 

  • We are the 5th largest Economy in the World, although, we are starting to slide down that table today because of the lack of investment by incompetent politicians.


  • We are the second biggest net contributor to the European Union, considering we are not even in the Euro currency and are still the second largest contributor tells us a lot


  • Annually we Import from the EU approx. £48-50 billion worth of goods and Export £10-12 billion.  That’s a major trade deficit in the EU’s favour


  • The UK is one of five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.


  • The United Kingdom is a Nuclear Power and is classed as a world power.  The only country to be classed in this field above China and Russia which are classed as regional powers.   America the only country classed as a super power above our world power status.  The United Kingdom is a highly developed nation that exerts considerable international economic, political, scientific and cultural influence around the world.


  • We are the head of the commonwealth; our attention should be to unite this once again on equal terms for trading & security benefits. The commonwealth combined has a population of 2.2 billion people.  We could open our market to 2.2billion people easier than most other countries. The single market only gives us access to 550 million people from memory and forces us to turn our backs on our friends within the commonwealth.


America (Trump) wants to do a free trade deal with the UK, the American economy alone is worth 5 trillion dollars more than the EU economy.  So why does May want to insult President Trump all the time is beyond me. That woman is a danger to our country and does not speak for the majority. I do not care if Trump retweets Britain first posts, 2 out of the 3 posts have been proven to be factual.  We have major issues here in the UK and in Europe with Islamic extremists but that's a whole different debate and one for a later date. 


Leave the EU now on WTO rules and watch the Europeans fight to strike a trade deal with us.  They are set to lose a lot more from us leaving.  It’s now time to apply logic and stand up for ourselves.  I hate how the European Union are laughing and belittling our country because we have weak leadership!  Long gone the days when you had patriotic leadership emphasised by the likes of Margret Thatcher & Sir Winston Churchill.


I note you sit next to Jacob Rees Mogg in parliament sometimes. Please feel free to show him this letter; I want him to see he has support around the country.  If he is the man I think he is, he will put the country before party politics and unite the country.


Thanks for taking the time to read my email and I look forward to your reply.


Kindest Regards

Mark Ross

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