Review: Rodney Atkinson lecture

A good audience of Brexit supporters, eurosceptics and UKIP members turned out on Friday 9th February in Edinburgh to hear Rodney Atkinson (first anti EU pamphlet 1989!) the political economist, author of 5 books on the EU, Ministerial adviser and past candidate for the UKIP leadership. He founded the Freenations website in 1997.

Rodney described the disastrous political and economic state of the European Union, the utter failure of UK membership since 1973 and the political instability of so many EU member States. Germany for instance had been without a government for more than 130 days. He quoted the German MEP Hans Olav Henkel “The UK, the last country with common sense is leaving the EU”

The speaker concluded by giving an extensive and inspiring list of the UK’s economic growth since Brexit and our great strengths which includes the rarely quoted fact that the USA, the UK and Commonwealth and Ireland together account for 34% of world GDP.

Finally Rodney regretted neither UKIP nor the established eurosceptic “money bags” had supported the British Declaration of Independence (founded in 1999) which, had it been implemented powerfully at every general election, might have given Parliament a Leave majority by now. He suggested that a new version of the BDI (a copy of which was circulated) be used in all constituencies between now and the next general election.


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