Devolution in a post-Brexit UK is unworkable

An attempt by SNP ministers to force the UK Government to back down in a row over post-Brexit powers has descended into a legal quagmire after Holyrood’s presiding officer declared it unlawful.


The Scottish Government tabled their own EU Withdrawal Bill after failing to reach agreement over the UK Government’s version, which will determine which powers repatriated from Brussels are devolved.


Following the decision by the presiding officer that the bill was unlawful, Calum Walker gave this statement:


"The Scottish Government should stop wasting our time and money on tabling illegal bills. This is further evidence that devolved governments threaten the sovereighty of the UK."


"Devolution was designed by the Eurocrat, Tony Blair, for a UK inside the EU. Devolution in a post-Brexit UK is unworkable and needs to be scrapped."


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November 23, 2019

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