Message from UKIP Scotland Chairman


Dear members & supporters,

For the first month and a half of this year the Party found itself in a state of limbo. Paralysed by the personal life and inaction of the then Party Leader, Henry Bolton, we were neither capable of campaigning for a clean Brexit nor preparing for future elections. This came to ahead at the EGM on the 17th of February where the attending members voted in favour of a motion of no confidence in Henry Bolton as Party Leader. Quickly after, the NEC took the decision to appoint Gerard Batten MEP as Interim Party Leader.

Gerard is a founding member of UKIP and was elected to the European Parliament in 2004 as an MEP for London. Being a founding member, Gerard’s devotion to the Party can’t be doubted and is exactly the person we need as Leader at this time. He has wasted no time in getting the Party moving forward and has appointed Tony Mcintyre, former South West Chairman, as National Party Chairman. I have spoken to Tony and we have both expressed an interest in moving UKIP away from a top-down led organisation to one that takes its direction from its local branches and grassroots.

Departing with Henry Bolton, who has now resigned his UKIP membership, is the ‘Lenny the Lion’ logo. ‘Lenny the lion’ entered party service at last year’s autumn conference in an unveiling that was best described as a shotgun wedding. Shortly afterwards, Lenny got in a fight with the Premier Football lion. This left the lion with so many terms and conditions levied on it that it was rendered unusable. The Great British pound is back and will be UKIP’s emblem from now on.

As some of you will be aware, Gerard has been in talks with ‘Veterans Against Terrorism’ to secure their backing for UKIP. Read full story here:

To attract their 15,000 members to join UKIP and encourage former members to return, we are running a discounted membership fee of £20 until the 31st of March. If you know of anyone that is interested in joining please encourage them to join now while this deal lasts.


 In Scotland our branches have been busy organising their AGMs and running council by-election campaigns. We are always looking for new ways to engage with members so please attend your AGM and make sure you voice is heard.

If you would like to represent UKIP in an election please contact our Scottish Controller, Janice Mackay, at Remember, the only way to make sure you can vote UKIP in an election is to put your name forward.

Many Thanks,
Calum Walker
UKIP Scotland Chairman

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