LEAVE MEANS LEAVE: The view from a Eurosceptic former Labour voter

We voted to leave the EU to take back control of our own laws, steer our own ship etc. This means leaving the Customs Union, Single Market etc.


Labour is now drifting down the path of staying in the Customs Union and ultimately the Single Market. This is not leaving the EU and is therefore not respecting the democratic result of the EU referendum. The Labour Party is now firmly in SNP territory, with numerous “a la carte" democrats within its ranks. Many of whom are clamouring for a second EU referendum. With these actions, I believe that the Labour Party has betrayed a very large section of its traditional working class support.

Many in the Labour Party have labelled the vast majority of Brexit supporters as extreme right wing, thick, uneducated, old, racist, small minded, intolerant bigots. This is not a clever way to engage with a large section of your loyal hardcore support. Be in no doubt, the next General Election will be carnage for the Labour Party. Let’s face it, if a wipe out can happen in Scotland, it can happen anywhere. There are no rock solid Labour areas anymore, those days
are gone. Many ordinary people see the EU as an undemocratic elite club, that doesn't give a toss about them or their families.


The Single Market is based upon free market ideology and was the major contribution to the EU project, from the Margaret Thatcher Government. Nevertheless, huge swathes of Momentum activists (never mind the Labour Party) ardently support the Single Market. These so called socialists are actually endorsing Thatcherite free market policies, its mind blowing, totally beyond belief; you couldn't make it up. Nevertheless, it gets you thinking. What will the Labour Party advocate come the next General Election? It’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure. Perhaps it will be something like this......

“We are the Labour Party.....for the many not the few........there’s more that divides us than unites us.....we will keep the red flag flying........we have meaningless clichés for every conceivable occasion.....British jobs for British workers ..education, education, education, leading to debt, debt, debt.....Immigration control mugs.....you name it, we’ve done it......four legs good, two legs bad....Yes yes yes, we know, Momentum is the new Militant, but who really cares about the trots or a spot of entryism these days? ...Hell, we’re far too busy cooking up new ways to discriminate on race and gender to bother about these sort of trifling matters... remember.... we offer a new gentler and kinder brand of Frankenstein politics...So do yourself a favour and... Vote Labour....better still why not become a member of our “Labour family”.... it’s just one big happy dysfunctional family, where just about everyone in it, hates just about everyone else....welcome aboard...what’s not to like?"

“We are the Labour Party; we support unlimited immigration to ensure fierce competition in the jobs market, leading to insecure employment and very low wages for unskilled workers... Vote Labour for a sweatshop Brexit. We also champion unlimited immigration to ensure that there’s a constant chronic under supply in the housing market. We guarantee that you will have to pay higher rents with your lower wages, nonetheless, we are your true friends, we really do have your best interests at heart; honest we do. Vote Labour for a Dickensian Britain.”

“We are the Labour Party. We 'respect' the vote to leave the EU. We really, really do. Nevertheless, we know best and we know what's best for you. We excel in virtue signalling and will happily celebrate historical events with great gusto, such as; women winning the right to vote and universal suffrage. Nevertheless, we are happy to distort and even overturn a democratic vote."


If the Labour Party doesn't stand up for democracy, what does it stand for? Nothing, If you don't stand up for democracy, you don't stand for anything. You stand for nothing at all.

The modern Labour Party just doesn't get it. The Labour Movement was successful because it furthered the interests and desires of the working class. The Movement was basically a protection racket for working people. Here’s a fact; if you’re a protectionist organisation that doesn’t offer people protection, you're offering people nothing and therefore, people will offer you nothing in return. Your days will be well and truly numbered.


We will leave the EU, and it won't be the inedible dog’s dinner of a Brexit, that the a la carte democrats of the Remain establishment, are so eager to foist upon us.


Dear Reader, I understand your alarm, frustration and concerns, but please do not worry. Democracy will be served.

Leave really does mean leave.

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