There should be no transition period


The Tories have agreed a Brexit transition deal with Brussels which means the EU will continue to have control of the UK’s waters until the end of 2020. David Coburn, MEP for Scotland, had this to say:


"As predicted, the Tory Brexit deal is destroying the Scottish Fishing industry. It seems that Lib Lab Con & the SNP all prefer the EU running our fishing grounds. As the only pro-Brexit Scottish MEP, I will continue to fight, alone if necessary, for Scottish fishermen!"


The transition period will see the UK without any representation at any EU institutions or formal influence for 21 months after next March. The UK will not take control of its borders, laws or money until at least 2021


David Coburn called for the UK to leave the EU immediately without a transition period saying:

".....there should be NO Transitional period! Our taxes pay for this nonsense and taxation without representation is a dictatorship! Britain cannot become a colony of Brussels for 2 days, let alone 2 years."


"The continuation of free movement during the transition period not only ignores the Brexit vote, but it also smacks of a desire to flood the UK with migrants to change our voting demographic. "


The transition deal would also see Northern Ireland remain in the Customs Union and under EU control if no other deal is reached that would avoid a hard border with the Irish Republic. Both Dublin and London have expressed their desired to keep the Irish border free of border controls, while the EU has used the issue to get an upper hand in the negotiations.


David Coburn said: "All those involved in the Brexit deal claim they don't want to see a hard border in Northern Ireland, so why is there any issue? If nobody want's it, then don't do it! The EU are playing dangerous & disingenuous games!"

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