It is high time that the national moral compass was reset

There is a common factor in the hounding of soldiers defending our country like Major Robert Campbell and the treatment of householders like Richard Osborn-Brooks defending themselves and their loved ones in their own homes; in both cases the authorities have entirely lost their moral compass.


Our police and prosecutors should be instinctively on the side of our service men and of law-abiding citizens.  Instead, they seem to automatically take the side of the scoundrel, the law breaker or the enemy.  


Obsessive re-investigation of soldiers, usually over entirely spurious allegations, is not just oppressive and unjust, but also gravely undermines the future effectiveness of our armed forces on which our liberty and our way of life depend.


Also, being the victim of a violent burglary in the dead of night in your own home is, to use a much over used word, traumatic. To require a man to passively do nothing in such a situation, when his wife or child is in the house is deeply humiliating, psychologically emasculating, and serves only to aggravate the trauma.


The root of this malaise is the substitution of an obsession for equality in place of common sense and what most of us would consider morality. In this politically correct view of the world, there is no real difference between the householder and the intruder. Furthermore, the British soldier is seen as an oppressor, whilst the hostile foreigner is instinctively seen as a victim.


It is high time that the national moral compass was reset.

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