British Values CENSORED In Scottish Classrooms

Scotland’s nanny-state, anti-British, Scottish National Party government have warned teachers in Scotland’s classrooms that the term ‘British values’ is “problematic” and could be “offensive”.


Advice issued by Education Scotland tells teachers to instead use the words “shared values”. Teachers are also urged, by the document, which is entitled ‘Problematic Language’, not to say the likes of “war on terror”, “Islamist extremist/terrorist”, “jihad/jihadist” or “radical” in current affairs lessons.


Pamela Nash, head of Scotland In Union, a non-party movement which seeks to promote a positive view of Scotland in the UK, accused the SNP of being “obsessed” with erasing the word ‘British’.


The document also urges teachers not to use such phrases as “war on terror”, “Islamist extremist/terrorist”, “jihad/jihadist” or “radical” in current affairs lessons.


Defending the document, a SNP spokesman said: "Research and feedback from communities suggest the wrong language can cause offence and, in the worst cases, amplify the rhetoric used by terrorists and violent extremists."


Cleary, the SNP is away with the politically correct fairy’s, woe betide the rest of the UK if Labour is elected at Westminster and is inclined to follow suit.


Article republished from Kipper Central:


Response: They no longer speak for Scotland

by John Ferguson, UKIP Glasgow


After more than a decade of SNP control, there is not much left which differentiates the proper administration of the country from the ideology of the ruling party. Many younger civil servants have never known any other master. The utterances emanating from many departments and officials these days, could have just as easily been written and released by SNP Propaganda HQ.


They no longer speak impartially for the majority of people in Scotland, who still reject and despise having even more of this blatantly divisive separatist agenda foisted on them by decree. Most would agree that the quote in the article from the spokesman defending the document, once amended and corrected to accurately reflect the true position ought to read:


Research and feedback from communities suggest inappropriate wrongful language is being imposed causing offence and, in the worst cases, amplifies the rhetoric used by the SNP.

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