The news that Theresa May has called on the cabinet to approve Britain’s response to the ‘escalating crisis in Syria’ without consulting Parliament is increasing worrying. The cabinet meeting comes as Mrs May toughens her language on the ALLEGED chemical weapons attack.


'Alleged' being the keyword. An alleged attack on British soil by the Russian state, according to HM Government, caused a mass expulsion of Russia Diplomats all over the West. My fear is Military action taken against the Syrian regime will open a whole new can of worms. Angry worms... with anger directed towards the British people.


Of course, Bashar al-Assad is no hero and he should be condemned. However, one of the groups Assad is knocking lumps out of just happens to be the so-called Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL).


Have we learned nothing from our mistakes of the past? The toppling of Saddam Hussein's government was arguably the right thing to do but, in turn, it created a power vacuum drawing all blood-sucking parasites to fight it out for power, many would say Iraq turned out worse without Hussein. Not to mention if the United Kingdom along with allied forces carried out an all-out missile assault on Syria if one Russia is killed or injured in the strikes the Kremlin will be forced to react. Only God knows how this would play out.


While the mainstream media and Western governments around the world beat the drums of war, normal everyday British people shake their heads in disbelief at the sheer discontent of Theresa May and her government.


No more British blood should be spilt for political war games. Enough is enough, our men and women’s lives are worth more. Much more. No to Military Action in Syria. 

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