Blame for bloodshed should be placed firmly and solely on Hamas

We in Britain surrounded by the sea in Shakespeare’s immortal words ‘in the office of a wall,

or as a moat defensive to a house’ tend to be relaxed about our security.  Not so the Israelis who face opponents - Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran among others - intent on their annihilation.


These were not demonstrations, nor even riots, but organised, incited and financially sponsored attempts to break in to Israel.  Had they succeeded in breaching the border, Israel would have faced the immediate slaughter of civilians by suicide bombers and terrorists.


The attitude of Hamas to human life is precisely the same as that of the IS sponsors of last weekend’s family suicide bombings in Indonesia, because both stem from the same Salafist ideological roots.


The Palestinians and their supporters including Jeremy Corbyn and his associates disingenuously demand ‘a right of return’ knowing full well that this would result in the immediate and complete destruction of Israel.  


Do the Germans demand a right of return to East Prussia, the Greeks to Ionia or the Armenians to Eastern Turkey?  Of course not.  Could Jews exercise a right of return to the Rivers of Babylon or anywhere else in the Middle East, where their ancestors lived for centuries or even millennia until 1948?  Inconceivable.


The blame for yesterday’s bloodshed should be placed firmly and solely on Hamas and its Iranian and other Islamist sponsors.

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