It's not only the House of Lords which is desperately in need of reform

The suggestion from leading High Court judge Sir Geoffrey Vos that carrying mobiles could in future be made compulsory (May 10) reminds us that it is not only the House of Lords which is desperately in need of major reform.


In essence, such a law would require us to reveal our location and identity to the authorities in real time at all times.  Such a totalitarian measure would make random police demands for everyone’s papers look liberal by comparison.  Of course, this would not make us any safer, as our soft-touch criminal justice system is unwilling to protect us from the dangerous and the wicked.


At one time our judges understood instinctively that their role and that of the common law was to protect our freedom.  Today human rights and an obsession with equality have replaced common sense and the jealous protection of our liberties in the minds of our judges.


If we value our freedom, we must reform the judiciary and our laws to prioritise freedom over equality.

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