Scrap The Scottish Parliament! UKIP Chair BLASTS Holyrood

 Republished from Kipper Central:


Holyrood, the devolved Scottish Parliament, has voted overwhelmingly to “refuse consent” to the Brexit Bill. Labour, Green and Scottish National Party MSP’s united to pass the motion which stated that the Scottish Parliament “does not consent to the EU Withdrawal Bill” while the Scottish Conservatives voted against the motion.


Westminster does not need the consent of the Scottish Parliament to pass legislation however if it passes the EU Withdrawal Bill, a prospect that is becoming more remote given the active resistance of the House Of Lords, it will be the first time that it is has passed legislation without the “consent” of the Scottish Parliament.


The Chair Of UKIP in Scotland, Calum Walker, slammed the Scottish Parliament:


"This is yet another example of the Scottish Parliament overstepping its remit. Rather than providing good government for Scotland, the Scottish Parliament has become nothing more than a platform for those who wish to destroy British Democracy.


In 1997, it was hoped that devolution and the assemblies would create local accountability. 20 years on this has not happened. All the major devolved areas are in disarray. Education standards are falling, the economy is stagnant and there is the age-old problem of how to fix the NHS. Any victories the Scottish Parliament can speak of, such as the same-sex-marriage, smoking ban and 5p on a plastic bag, were adopted by the UK Parliament and, therefore, would have happened if there wasn’t a Scottish Parliament. After 20 years, all devolution has left us with is another layer of expensive government.


Someone once said that a referendum was a once in a generation. There was a devolution referendum in the 70s and the late 90s. We’re coming close to the time when there should be another one. I was too young to vote in the 1997 referendum. In the next devolution referendum, I’ll be voting to scrap the Scottish Parliament."

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