Good intentions have taken us all too far down the road to Hell


The deluge of violent crime of which comedian Michael McIntyre is one of the latest victims did not come out of nowhere, but is the inevitable result of fifty years of naive left wing social policy.


The destruction of marriage has left a great many boys without fathers as loving male role models in the home.  In many cases, it has left their single mothers caught in the poverty trap and them without any evidence that work pays.


The feminisation of our education system has resulted in a dearth of male role models among the teachers and in many schools a collapse of discipline.


The ‘modernisation’ of policing has given us all too many swivel chair police, obsessed with the internet and unwilling to patrol our streets.  


The ‘reform’ of sentencing  and our prisons has meant that thugs are no longer frightened of being punished.


Good intentions have taken us all too far down the road to Hell; it is high time we reversed course.

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September 16, 2020

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