UKIP Scotland SLAMS SNP over Parliament walkouts!

June 14, 2018

The Chairman of UKIP Scotland, Calum Walker, has released a statement criticising the SNPs decision to walk out  of the UK Parliament, he said: “There is no power grab. The powers returning from Brussels have never been controlled by the devolved assemblies.”


The SNPs parliamentary leader Ian Blackford refused to sit down when asked by the speaker of the house, John Bercow. The protest was over the so-called ‘Power Grab’ in the EU Withdrawal Bill. When  Blackford refused to sit down he was then ejected from the House of Commons and his SNP cronies followed suit.

Calum Walker, Chairman of UKIP Scotland, has released this full statement about the walkout:

“The SNP try to mock the Mother of Parliaments but merely make a mockery of themselves. The UK Parliament has survived 300 years and will outlast the SNP whose days are numbered. MPs are elected to Parliament to represent their constituents. The SNP MPs have forgotten this and only represent the narrow view of Sturgeon. What they’re afraid of is Brexit exposing the Scottish Parliament and devolution for what it really is. An EU plot to by-pass National Parliaments and create a Europe of Regions.


There is no power grab. The powers returning from Brussels have never been controlled by the devolved assemblies. All the assemblies have ever done is administrate and implement EU legislation. Outside the EU there is no need for the devolved assemblies. The EU and the assemblies aren’t sovereign.


For the first time in 40 years, people are realising that sovereignty and legislative supremacy lies in the UK Parliament. We now just need to fill both Houses of Parliament with people that believe this to be true.”


Republished from Unity News Network:




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