We need to start putting our security needs first

In due course, we will have to face another Bataclan, Nice lorry attack or Manchester Arena bombing.  These justify ‘lock downs’ and worldwide news;Tuesday’s incident did not.


We need to start being more choosy about who we let in to Britain, and we need to start putting our security needs ahead of giving asylum to people who do not share Western secular values.


We also need to stop being credulous in our dealings with conservative imams and Muslim groups.  Some like the Turkish Gulenists manage to combine conservative Islam with co-existing with the West, others are undoubtedly playing us for fools.


Ostentatious police reactions to minor terrorists incidents may make good public relations, but they distract from the need for a much wider response to Islamist terrorism and the Salafist agenda.

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August 8, 2020

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August 3, 2020