UKIP Scotland’s membership figures have increased by a highly impressive 49% since the end of May. We must be saying or doing the right thing, or perhaps others are not!!! I suspect the latter to be the case.


Comments from our new members all indicate widespread disillusionment with the Chequers agreement and the Conservative Party in general:

“I have joined UKIP because I feel they are the only party in Britain that hasn't gone insane. Labour sells out the country every day and the Conservatives are conservative in name only. I am very delighted that UKIP has stood for freedom of speech in this country with their support of Tommy Robinson and Mark Meechan. It's the only libertarian party we have and I would be insane not to join”  - Central Scotland branch member

"My reasons for joining UKIP were that I voted to remain in the Union,  I voted UKIP in two general elections forcing David Cameron to give the British people a choice to stay or leave the EU. After the referendum I was overjoyed to think that we're were to regain our sovereignty and be able to control immigration. However after Theresa May's disastrous Chequers White Paper I felt I had to take a stand and join UKIP." - North East branch Member 

"The reason I joined UKIP was as a direct result of Chequers. Like most, on the right, I have been entirely disenfranchised (politically) since 1991/2. I have watched on as we have marched to the socialist tune with my only exceptions to not voting being the Euro elections where I voted UKIP and the Scottish Indy ref where I voted No. Historically I occupied the same Tory ground as Nigel Farage and Aaron Banks,and like them have found less and less in
common post-Thatcher. 
The straw that broke the (lazy) camel’s back was Chequers. It is a complete sell-out, does not pass the democratic muster and highlights everything that is
wrong in The West." - West Scotland branch member

"I joined UKIP because I fear for the future of the United Kingdom. The globalist establishment have shown nothing but disdain for those who voted to leave the European Union and they have also ignored the very serious social and safety issues that have resulted from poorly regulated immigration. This establishment have weaponized the police force to silence dissenting opinions through selective interpretation of the Public Order Act. What we are facing in the United Kingdom is a blatant abuse of power by a left wing fascist dictatorship. For these reasons, I believe Britain needs UKIP now more than ever before." - Lothian branch member


In line with our leader Gerard Batten’s Red Alert for a possible snap General Election we have currently 28 members willing to stand as parliamentary candidates, all of whom are presently going through the selection process. With 59 seats to be fought it would be great if we can get some more please. If you are interested at all please drop me an email.

We have eight branches in Scotland. Some are more active than others, but I am working with the committees to ensure that we are as organised as possible and make and sustain communication with branch members. Please do let me know if you do not receive  communication from your local branch.


You are reading this on our website where we are always looking for new material so if you have something to say which you think would represent our UKIP point of view then please feel free to email me any such articles and we will get them on the website. My email is janice.mackay@ukip.org.

Janice MacKay
UKIP Scotland
Regional Controller

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