September 3, 2018


We can agree that many people are thoroughly fed up - even angry- with traditional politicians.
They talk a lot, and are good at insulting others, but look at the mess of education, health, crime, transport and the prisons.

It is one thing to complain about how useless traditional politicians are, but the big challenge for UKIP is how to show we will be different? Here are some suggestions.

1. Concentrate on telling people in speeches, leaflets, articles and broadcasts what we WILL
DO. Yes, point out what is wrong, but stress what UKIP will do about it. Over and over again,
show people how we will kale lives better.

2. Have at least four big radical policies that really matter to people and will gain publicity. For
example, scrapping the TV licence fee, scrapping the House of Lords, renationalising the
railways and prisons and suspending all foreign aid (except emergency assistance) for three

3. Have at least 50 “small policies” which will correct the things that irritate and hinder people
in their everyday lives. For example, no airport to charge a drop off fee for under 10
minutes, every airline to ensure that families do not have to pay to be seated together, no
interest rate to exceed 25% and squatting to be made a criminal offence with immediate
ejection by police.

4. Refrain from personal attacks on individuals – yes, show the mess the government has
made and how some policies are harmful but do not mock individuals.

5. Do not mention any other political party by name . I know this may be difficult to do, but
every time you mention another party’s name you give them recognition. Instead, keep
saying “UKIP will do this”, “UKIP is opposed to that because…”, The more often we say
“UKIP” the more the seed is planted.

I am sure we could do more to show we are not useless traditional policies, but the above is just a start.

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