Firstly, I sincerely hope that we do NOT have a second EU referendum - we already vote to Leave the EU and it would be against the democratic will of the people if this happened, and I would like to think that the 17.4m who voted to leave get their 'Yellow Vests' dusted off and wear them for a peaceful demonstration against a 2nd. vote.  I also hope that the UK simply does 'walk-away' with a NO DEAL, this in my opinion and seems to be growing huge support according to polls, would be be the best option for the UK (and I do mean the whole of the UK)


I am a proud Scottish/British woman and am saddened at the mess the SNP are making of Scotland, their record since appointment is not only diabolical, and affecting in the most negative way thinkable, families, the elderly, councils, NHS, education - we used to have a proud record of education and now we have became a laughing stock whilst the SNP have been controlling the purse-strings for Scotland, I thank god daily that the barnett formula is in place here in Scotland at the generosity of the UK Government or things would be even worse here - I have no doubt of that.  I cannot understand why the First Minister simply abandons her constituency because that's exactly what she has done with her Constituents in Govanhill, it has been completely forgotten about while she seems hellbent on sending foreign aid (from the Scottish budget) when she has no right to get involved in foreign aid, that is all handled by the grown-ups in Westminster, she seems more interested in jetting about Scotland in 'her' helicopter taking 'selfies' with children, it downright creepy.  Unfortunately, I do not see Nicola Sturgeon improving or making changes in that respect, she can appoint herself as 'Scotland' Mammy all she likes but she does NOT speak for the people of Scotland, nor does she have their interests at heart.


The SNP seem to have no shame whatsoever, they have had a former Transport Minister who did not think it important to purchase vehicle insurance ? what kind of message is that sending out ? and what do they do after that fiasco.....................they make him The Cabinet Secretary For JUSTICE ! if that is not rubbing the people of Scotland's face in it, then I don't know what is.


Why does Nicola Sturgeon have the HIGHEST SALARY in British Politics ? and her husband who is also drawing a mega - salary from the Scottish Government too ? unbelievable, these individuals have no shame and I cannot for the life of me understand how they sleep at night.


I look forward to the day (hopefully in the not too distant future when the people of Scotland wake up to the nonsense they are being fed by Holyrood) and the place is closed, then and only then will Scotland rise and be the proud nation it should be, when we are not paying ridiculous amounts of money for a jumped up Council in Edinburgh who fritters away our Country's money like a man with no hands.


Lets hope the UK celebrates on 29th March when we are free of the corrupt EU, we take back control of our borders, immigration, fisheries, and laws and can concentrate making Britain great again - we are Island and GB should start looking after it's own people, create jobs, housing, security and dignity for all.



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