November 23, 2019


The 28.6% leave voters have as their current elected MP a representative in Jo Swinson who has made clear her objective to repeal Brexit.

Her closest challenger is the SNP who say they want an independent Scotland but don't really since they wish to remain in the EU.

If you therefore wish Scotland to remain an integral part of the United Kingdom and wish Britain to leave the European Union then neither of those candidates offer this prospect.

UKIP CAN and the UKIP candidate in question is Donald MacKay .

He runs a small mortgage broking business in Hamilton and has done so for the last 24 years.

He therefore  understands that government very often is the root cause of our difficulties rather than the solution. Small businesses are under siege from the endless useless regulations imposed by the state and are consequently less able to focus on growth in order to become larger businesses which is beneficial to all of us.

We can stand perfectly well on our own two feet outside the EU in an economic environment which encourages businesses to expand and in doing so help provide more much needed funding for our public services.

We do not need more professional politicians who know no other environment rather ordinary people who actually live in the real world and apply common sense to our various challenges.


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