enough is enough

In 1950 the population of the United Kingdom was 50.5 million.


By 1960 the population had increased to 52.2 million.


By 2000 the British population had reached 58.8 million.


In 2020 the population of United Kingdom is 67.8 million which is an approximate 10 million increase in the space of 20 years. 


These figures are completely unsustainable and impose a stress on the economic and social services of our land which is beyond that which it can be reasonably expected to bear.


According to the Office For National Statistics the net annual migration figure is in excess of 250,000.


We have Conservative Governments which consistently obtain the votes of about 13.5 million people the bulk of whom are supporting manifestos which pledge to control immigration.


Therefore, we are presented with a dereliction of duty on the part of those who govern our country and who solicit the support of loyal voters while completely ignoring their wishes.


UKIP remains the only mainstream, party which seeks to deal with immigration head on and restore some much needed common sense to this area of policy which if unchallenged is bound to lead to unwelcome social and economic consequences


It may soon be too late



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